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Cadence - Landing page
Crocs, Hey Dude - Landing page
Lemme - Landing page
Brunt - Landing page
Lomi - Landing page
True Classic - Landing page
Caraway - Landing page
Jones Road - Landing page
Cadence - Landing page
Crocs, Hey Dude - Landing page
Lemme - Landing page
Brunt - Landing page
Lomi - Landing page
True Classic - Landing page
Caraway - Landing page
Jones Road - Landing page
Cadence - Landing page
Crocs, Hey Dude - Landing page
Lemme - Landing page
Brunt - Landing page
Lomi - Landing page
True Classic - Landing page
Caraway - Landing page
Jones Road - Landing page

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4 Reasons Why You Should Use HOOX to Build Landing Pages


We believe in full-funnel marketing

After Apple’s impact on digital advertising, brands need to use landing pages to convert visitors as effectively as possible. Your current website only speaks to one consumer’s problem. A HOOX landing page can be quickly duplicated and customized to speak to as many customer profiles as you want or need.


We focus on educating your consumers, not just selling

The HOOX team builds pages to help site visitors understand how your product will improve their lives. This helps our clients build high-LTV customer cohorts from the beginning.


Even your grandparents can use our landing pages

Our landing pages pass the age-old grandparent test! Not only are they easy to follow and navigate, but they also load extremely fast. If a visitor has poor cell service, HOOX landing pages still load instantly.


Designed specifically to match your traffic source

We’ve found that users react differently to web experiences when they are coming from various marketing channels like TikTok, Facebook, or Google. With that in mind, we build HOOX pages to match your ad angles and traffic sources to make the experience feel more integrated and seamless.

Simplify the buying process and increase conversions

Here’s why you should use HOOX landing pages

Reduce the number of clicks in your customer’s journey by up to 50%! Once you try landing pages from HOOX, you’ll never return to the old way

Here’s why you should trust HOOX

We are the experts in landing pages that convert.

Our founder, Nik Sharma, has generated more than $40,000,000 in revenue for eCommerce brands with landing pages for brands that you know and love.

After making hundreds of landing pages for Sharma Brands clients, Nik put together a world-class team of strategists, copywriters, designers, developers, and a creative leads to launch HOOX — the most effective landing page agency used by category-defining brands and agencies.

It works, too

As you can see for yourself,
we get results


Decrease in customer acquisition cost on Meta (Facebook & Instagram)


Click-through rate from the landing page to checkout.


Increase in LTV from landing page traffic.


Increase in ad spend, after implementing a HOOX landing page.

Early customer data. Results may vary.*

What happens when you purchase a Landing Page

Fill out a detailed onboarding form

This form takes 7 minutes to complete and allows us to collect everything we need to build your page.

Strategy, Wireframing & Copywriting

The HOOX team spends 8-10 hours on brand research, wireframing, and copywriting for your page.

Mobile & Desktop Design

Using your brand book and guidelines, we bring your landing page to life. All HOOX landing pages are designed responsively for desktop and mobile.

Your LP goes LIVE!

We develop your landing page, and once it’s complete, we transfer the fully developed page to you. Now it’s time to run some traffic!

It works, too

Case studies


As a new brand in a competitive space, Caraway hired HOOX to create landing pages for paid traffic coming from Google, Facebook, and its affiliate partners.


Increase in conversion rate (a user landing on the site and checking out)


Decrease in cost of customer acquisition, while also lowering the time to purchase.


In June of 2022, Nori asked HOOX to create 2 new landing pages to promote their hero product, the Nori Press. 


Increase in conversion rate (a user landing on the site and checking out)


Decrease in cost of customer acquisition, while also lowering the time to purchase.

Let’s talk shop

Our landing page solution

We build digital experiences for brands through custom landing pages. This helps you acquire customers more effectively with higher conversion rates, lower CPAs, and improved ROAS.

Our pages help consumers understand who you are, what you sell, how it helps them, and why you’re the best option on the market.

Landing page build


1 fully custom landing page build included

What’s included

  • Ideation & Concept
  • Wireframe (UX)
  • Copywriting
  • UI Design with Existing Brand Guidelines and assets
  • Development
  • Shop functionality
  • Email and phone capture
  • Analytics integration
  • Tracking tools
    (FB, GTM, MS Clarity)
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We plug into your tech stack

How we compare

Your primary website can’t possibly appeal to all customers at all times. That’s where landing pages come in! When you build landing pages with HOOX, you’re able to create a unique site experience tailored to the audience you’re advertising to, and the problem you’re solving for them. With custom landing pages, you can create a red-carpet experience for any site visitor to become a customer over time.

No Internal Resources Needed

External Customer POV

Built by LP experts (over $180M in LP GMV)

Formal QA Process for bugs & load time

Easy to edit by the marketing team

In-House Team

Standard LP Agencies


What others have to say about working with HOOX

“I recommend HOOX to every founder. Nik’s team did their own research while also presenting a strong openness to collaboration and deep awareness of the brand. Also, their turnaround times are out of this world.”

Stephanie Hon

Founder of Cadence

"Plain and simple, their landing pages lowered our CPA by ~30%, and perfectly told the Caraway story."

Jordan Nathan

Founder of Caraway

"Halfdays is creating a new category of apparel, and using HOOX to help educate consumers on why Halfdays is the best option has helped us efficiently double our ad spend."

Ariana Ferwerda

Co-Founder of Halfday

“If you're spending any significant money on paid acquisition, you have to do more than just send traffic to PDPs. The HOOX team does an amazing job of diving deep into your brand and designing landing pages that emphasizes value props, overcome objections, and ultimately drive conversion.

Owen Loft

CEO at Socium Media

“Working with HOOX allowed us to quickly test new angles, copy, and positioning without changing our homepage. We saw a significant increase in CVR. We would definitely recommend working with the HOOX team.”

Courtney Toll

CEO of Nori

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Unbounce your preferred platform to develop landing pages on?

A few main reasons: page speed is very fast (less than 1 second load time), it's fast to stand up for us, and easy to edit for you (all drag & drop).

How long does the onboarding questionnaire take?

Less than 15 minutes — and then you're done. The questionnaire goes in-depth to collect relevant assets (brand book, fonts, etc), learn your brand, understand relevant advertising data, and understand your goals.

How do I know if I should buy a page?

If you spend over $30,000 per month in paid traffic, you're a candidate! If you sell a high AOV product, a product with a high barrier to entry, or you're creating a new category, you'll greatly benefit from more focused landing pages.

Can my Facebook pixel be placed on the landing page?

Yes! We place any and all tracking pixels, or even just a Google Tag Container. This allows all ad platforms to still ingest data from the landing page, and optimize its own algorithms without a loss in data.

Why wouldn't I just make my homepage like a landing page?

Your goal with landing pages isn't just to shorten the conversion journey, but it's also to personalize that experience. If you just edit a homepage and settle for that, you're still just messaging one way, versus speaking to different benefits based on different traffic sources.

What paid channels can I use these landing pages with?

You can run them with any channel. Our clients most commonly run traffic to these pages from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Taboola, TV, YouTube, podcast, and influencers.

How much can I expect my CPA to drop?

It's not easy to answer this question because every brand and consumer market is different. On average, we see at least a 20% drop in CPA.

Who needs to be involved from the client-side?

As many, or as few people, as you'd prefer to have. We can even set up a shared Slack channel between our teams to communicate with speed, and avoid emails getting lost.

Will the page look like it could be a part of our website?

Yes, we'll design your landing page with your brand's look and feel in mind. After we analyze your brand guidelines and the current website and we implement the coherent style that is familiar to your customers.

How long does the on-boarding take?

After you make the purchase, we'll send you the onboarding form together with instructions on how to set up your Unbounce account, in case you don't have one. Once you submit the onboarding form, we'll review it in detail and after that, we are ready to go.

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